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About Natalia....

Natalia Collazo is a creative and innovative Costume Designer & Fashion Stylist from San Juan, Puerto Rico; currently based in Los Angeles, CA. 


With more than a decade of experience, her portfolio includes feature films, TV shows, print ads, commercials, music videos, album covers, as well as personal and celebrity styling. 


Her ability to merge edgy with classic by combining street fashion sophistication with vintage accents has created a recognizable aesthetic that is both beautiful as it is versatile. 


Her hands on approach, which requires a great understanding of the human silhouette, an eye for detail and a passion for research, sets her apart from the rest and keeps her in high demand. 


As a collaborator,  Natalia brings her unique insight and dynamic personality to all her projects in order to adequately meet the the needs of any creative and production process.


For more information, visit Natalia Collazo's IMDB page :

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